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Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year

The Administration and Staff would like to welcome our 2017-2018 students along with their parents, guardians and families!!  You will be seeing school busses in your neighbor beginning next week.  The rest of the school district begins on Tuesday, August 15.  The preschool programs in the district including deLacey will egin on Wednesday, August 16. Just a few simple guidelines that we would like the parents to follow so the students get the most out of this year of preschool as possible:

1. Please make sure that your child is IN the school ahead of time.  Remember they have little legs so it may take them another five minutes to get to their classroom.  Also do your best to make all appointments outside of your child's session.  It is only 2 1/2 hours long.  If you pull them an hour early or arrive an hour late that is a half a day of work for you or me.

2. Please communicate classroom concerns with the teacher first, then contact the office if the issue is not resolved.

3. Please remember, IF your child is eligible for the bus, any changes in the drop off or pick up locations takes two weeks to process. Transportation only allows TWO changes per year.

4. Please talk/ communicate with your child about their day, when you pick them up or when you get home.  Children love to talk about themselves.  Ask specific questions: What story did you read today?  Who was in the story? What was in the sensory table today? What do you think will be in it tomorrow.  Please do not ask how was school!  Boring and non-specific.  Would you prefer some one ask you about a project or meeting you were involved in or how was work?

5. Please enjoy preschool with your child.  We have opportunities for volunteers both during school and at evening events as well as helping from your home (cutting, clipping, stuffing) while your little one is napping.

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