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deLacey Family Education Center

Our Mission- To provide high standards and challenging learning opportunities to increase potential for long term educational success. 

The preschool years are a critical time of language growth and learning. In the deLacey preschool classrooms, our teachers focus on developing the early skills children need to become successful readers and learners. Children at this age are beginning to understand the meaning of print, so we draw their attention to written words in their environment. They are also learning that letters make sounds, so we do activities that develop their awareness of sounds such as rhyming and looking for words that begin with the same sound. Children's vocabularies grow very quickly at this age, so it is an important time to use words to describe what they are engaged in high-interest activities, such as in our art, science, or dramatic-play centers. During the year, deLacey children will also learn the social skills needed to be successful in school. They will learn to follow a daily routine, listen attentively in a large group activity, and be able to function as a part of a classroom community.

Parents and caregivers are critical partners in helping children develop these skills. Those who do are greatly increasing the likelihood that their children will do well in school. Talking with, and reading to, young children are excellent ways to develop good vocabularies and increase reading readiness. Involving young children in group activities, such as Park District classes, are also good ways for them to learn important social skills.

These early skills form the foundation that children need to be confident and competent learners as they continue their education and are the focus of deLacey programs.

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Office Hours during D300 summer break (June 5th - July 28th)


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Phone: 224-484-2300
Fax: 224-484-2319
deLacey Family Education Center
50 Cleveland Avenue
Carpentersville, IL 60110
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