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T.A.P. / Parent Involvement Tea!


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deLacey offers a parent volunteer program called Teachers Assitance Program "T.A.P." Mrs. Cronin (the former principal of deLacey) is offering her services to help support the T.A.P. program as well as resurrect the P.T.P.  (Parent Teacher Partnership).  This is our version of the PTO's and the PTA's in the district with a preschool twist.  We are looking for any one interested in helping with either program to come to the Parent Involvement Tea on September 14, 2016.  It will be a short meeting from 9-10 am.

Phone: 224-484-2300
Fax: 224-484-2319
deLacey Family Education Center
50 Cleveland Avenue
Carpentersville, IL 60110
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