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Support Services

The following are special services available:

 1. Special education student needing additional assistance in academic development can receive varying degrees of help from special education teachers.

2. Speech-Language Therapy: Students who have difficulty producing speech sounds and/or have delays in language development can receive assistance from a speech-language therapist.

3. Occupational Therapy: Students who have delays in fine motor development (small muscles) and/or difficulty processing sensory information can receive help from an occupational therapist.

4. Physical Therapy: Students who have delays in gross motor development (large muscles) can receive assistance from a physical therapist.

5. Social Worker: Children who have concerns in their social-emotional development could receive assistance from a social worker.

6. Hearing Impaired: Students identified with a hearing loss can receive assistance from a teacher of the hearing imparied.

7. Teacher of the Visually Impaired: Children who have vision impairments can receive services from a vision teacher.

8. Orientation and mobility: Students who have vision impairments also can receive services from an orientation and mobility therapist.

9. Spanish interpretation- Available as needed

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