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Parent Resources

The deLacey Faculty and Staff welcomes parents and caregiver involvement as you are critical partners in helping your child succeed with developing their reading, writing and social skills. Involved parents increase the likelihood that your child will do well in school. We encourage you to volunteer for the parent organizations, parent services and participate in the groups listed below.

Parent Volunteer Organizations

PTP (Parent Teacher Partnership)- This organization shall provide service for school functions, engage in fundraising projects, encourage parent, teacher, and community involvement, and cooperate with administration in providing educational opportunities

T.A.P. (Teacher Assistant Program) - This is program for parent volunteers to help out at school. There are many ways to get involved during the school day or at home. See Parent Handbook for more information. We also need people willing to help this group. If this is a job you are interested in please see Kelly Burke, Principal.

SIP (School Improvement Plan) - The School Improvement Team meets periodically after school to plan and monitor goals for improving deLacey Programs. We would like to have a few parents on this team to give input from their perspective. We meet periodically throughout the school year, not more than one time per month, after school. 

Services for Parents

The District 300 Birth – three program offers a variety of services for families with young children residing within the District 300 boundaries. This program believes parents are the first and most important teacher for their child(ren). We are a Parents As Teachers Program. We aim to support parents during pregnancy and the first three years of life through education and support. We begin working with families during pregnancy. The services we offer are:

Teen Parent Program- for teens that are pregnant or that have a child younger than three old. Please contact Alison Morton 224-484-2308 or Sonja Russell 224-484-2307 for more information.

Developmental Screenings- Free development screening is a valuable tool that can show you where your child is at developmentally and what milestones the child will be working on next. Please contact Sonja Russell 224-484-2307 for more information.

Family Nights- Spend a fun evening with your child each month where you play, learn and help keep your family strong. Informational flyers containing information regarding monthly family nights are sent home with students. Check back packs daily.


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